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The Department of Performing Arts at HTCA offers our students an opportunity to develop their skills in an encouraging and disciplined way. Students participate in a variety of productions including School Plays, Dance, Poetry, Chorus, and other artistic expressions. We prepare students with the needed techniques, confidence, and skill that will inspire them to make meaningful contributions to the performing arts throughout their lives.


At Holy Temple Christian Academy, we prepare the students to enter having met or exceeded state standards in all tested areas; to be proficient readers, writers and speakers of the target language; to be responsible citizens. Lower Grades are taught foreign language during the first semester while the Upper Grades are taught foreign language during the second semester.


Holy Temple Christian Academy is an Academics First Academy. We now have a Basketball Team. We have partnered with the YMCA and are known as the MIGHTY EAGLES! We promote healthy lifestyles at HTCA and all students have Physical Education courses multiple days per week. Health Fairs are periodically hosted throughout the year to be sure that the families of our academy are well informed on the importance of Health and Fitness!