COVID-19 Remote Learning Plan

We pray that you are staying safe during this pandemic. We are confident that God is in control and we have no reason to fear. On March 30th, we will launch our Remote Learning Plan which will allow us to continue educating our students.

  • Assignment packets will be created for each student. You will be able to pick up these packets on March 30th from 12 noon to 5:30pm. The completed assignment packet must be returned on Friday via drop off, email, website submission, or fax.
  • Parents and students will be given 3 instructional options: Video Learning, Emailed Directions/Instructions, and Phone Directions/Instructions.

Video Learning – After you receive the assignments for the week, teaching videos will also be uploaded to a Remote Learning Page that is in the process of being created on our website. The videos will also be categorized by Grade.

Emailed Instructions/Directions – After receiving the assignments for the week, you will receive a very clear, itemized email that will outline the students’ work for the week. The students and parents will be allowed to communicate with the teacher via email for additional help.

Phone Directions/Instructions – After students receive the assignments for the week, they will be allowed to contact the teacher via phone for assistance with directions and further instructional help.

You will be contacted on Friday, March 27th to choose an instruction method and to receive assistance with all questions and concerns.

Feel free to contact us via email. Let us continue to pray that this virus will be cured and that we can soon return to life as normal. Please be safe!



2019 Graduation Remarks

Message from the Principal

We give you a heartfelt “WELCOME” to Holy Temple Christian Academy! Your interest in the enrollment of your child(ren) as a student is both a pleasure to us and a privilege for you. We are glad for your presence here and we take the responsibility of providing you with the most excellent education in the best environment very seriously. We have a tremendous reputation in the Tri-County area as being a “School of Excellence”. It is our God-ordained duty to nurture our students so that they will become marketable assets to our society. Providing South Florida with over 20 years of exceptional education, we are an institution founded with the pure motive of preparing a generation spiritually, socially, mentally, and emotionally. WELCOME to HTCA!


March 6th Newsletter



Holy Temple Christian Academy is a fully accredited school. We are accredited by:





Holy Temple Christian Academy believes in providing our students with the best education. Our faculty members are Christians and are selected based on their qualifications and experience. Holy Temple Christian Academy demands that the faculty members approach their students with wisdom, patience, and consideration, viewing themselves as involved in a spiritual ministry, as well as in educational instruction. These responsibilities are facilitated as administrators seek to promote conditions in which the faculty can function with freedom in a responsible pursuit of truth and professional competence.[/vc_column_text]